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Name: SMC
38 Tesla
Irvine, CA 92618

Main URL:
Driver URL:
Phone Number: 1 800-762-4968
Support Number: 1 800-762-4968
Additional Information:

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SMC Other Drivers:

Acer FIR SMSC driver v6.0.4000.1
ALI Fast Infrared Driver for Windows XP
Asus INFRARED V5.1.3600.7
Asus SMSC Fast Infrared Device V6.0.4000.1
Asus SMSC Fast Infrared Device V2.0.0.122
ASUS SMSC Fast Infrared Driver
Asus SMSC Infrared Device V2.0.0.122
Asus SMSC Infrared v5.1.3600.9
Asus SMSC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port V5.1.3600.9
CIR (SMSC) Driver for Windows XP
CIR SMSC Driver and Toshiba Remote Control Media Launch Application for WinXP
Dell Ethernet Advanced Port Replicator (91C94)
Essential System Updates
Fast Infrared Driver
GIGABYTE SMSC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port
Infrared Driver
Intel SMSC Consumer IR Receiver Driver for Mitac* 8222J
SMC 10/100 PC Card
SMC 10/100 PC Card (SMC8041 V.2)
SMC Ethernet Adapter
SMC EZ Card ISA 10 Adapter
SMC FIR Driver version 5.1.2462.0
SMC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.5
SMC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.7
SMC IrCC (Infrared Communications Controller)
SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port
SMC SMC2632W EZ Connect Wireless PC Card
SMC2532W-B High Power Wireless Adapter
SMC2632W V.2 Wireless PC Card
SMSC CIR (Consumer IR) Driver version 5.3.2600.2
SMSC Fast Infrared Driver
SMSC Fir Driver for Windows XP/2000
SMSC FIR Driver version 4.10.1999.4
SMSC FIR Driver version 5.1.2462.0
SMSC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.3
SMSC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.4
SMSC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.5
SMSC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.7
SMSC FIR Driver version 5.1.3600.9
SMSC FIR Driver version 6.0.4000.1
SMSC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port
SMSC IrCC Fast Infrared V5.1.3600.9
SMSC IrCC Fast Infrared v6.2.6000.1
SMSC SMC47N217 SMSC IrCC Fast Infrared V6.0.4000.1
SMSCIR Infared Receiver Drivers for Windows Vista
Toshiba Fast Infrared Driver for Windows XP
Toshiba Fast Infrared Driver for Windows XP/2000