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Friday, September 20th, 2019



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Chips and Technologies

Name: Chips & Technologies
256 East Gish Road
San Jose, California 95112

Main URL:
Driver URL:
Phone Number: 408-467-0755
Support Number:
Additional Information:

These products were manufactured by Intel, they no longer make them or support them.
Chips is now licensed to Asiliant Technologies

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Chips and Technologies All Drivers:

3Dlabs Wildcat 4100
3Dlabs Wildcat Pro 4100
3Dlabs Wildcat Series Win2K Package
Acer VGA Driver version
Chips and Technologies (Asiliant) 655xx
Chips and Technologies Video Driver
Chips And Technologies, Accelerator (new)
Dell 3d Labs Wildcat II 5110
Dell 3d Labs Wildcat III 6110
Dell Intense3D Wildcat 4110A Pro
Intense3D Wildcat Pro 4100