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Anchor Chips Inc

Name: Anchor Datacomm
Baden Powellweg 305 K-N
1069 LH Amsterdam
Osdorp The Netherlands

Main URL:
Driver URL:
Phone Number: +31 (0)20 - 619 20 04
Support Number:
Additional Information:

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Anchor Chips Inc USB Drivers:

AAM6000UG USB driver (It's not suitable for Belgacom's clients in Belgium)
Aksey ALE070-D47 ADSL Loader
Askey ALE070 DSL Modem
Asus BS-F1
Asus USB
Asus USB CB-5216A-U V1.01
Asus USB SCB-1608D
Bluetooth USB Controller from TOSHIBA (Ericsson P3D)
Broadcom Bluetooth Driver version
CN-130 - USB 2.0 IDE adapter
Dell CSR BlueCore Bluetooth
Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Internal Module
Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Driver xp64
Dell Wireless 360 Module with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
DSL Modem
Intel(R) Bluetooth Stack for Windows
USB 2.0 Storage Adapter FX (CY)
USB Storage Adapter
USB Storage Adapter FX (CY)