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Wednesday, November 13th, 2019



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Printers are a common accessory for home PCs, and are ever present in the office environment. Dot-matrix or impact printers are not often used today except in special situations where a physical impact into the paper is needed (for example when making carbon copies). Laser printers are common for offices, being a very cheap and efficient method for printing many black and white documents. Color laser printers exist, but are more expensive. Most home PCs use Ink or Bubble Jet type color printers. Inkjet printers can be very cheaply made, but often use expensive, proprietary color cartridges. They can produce extremely high quality printouts suitable for digital photographs, usually designated a "Photo Printer" by the manufacturer if it supports high enough clarity and resolution for photographs. Most newer printers connect to a free USB port on a PC, but parallel port connections are still common and available.

Printer by Company

Actiontec Electronics Inc
Alps Electric Co Ltd
Apple Computer Inc
Askey Computer Corp
ASUSTek Computer Inc
AuthenTec Inc
Avision Inc
Belkin Components
Broadcom Corp
Brother Industries Ltd
Compaq Computer Corp
Conexant Systems
Creative Technology Ltd
D-Link Inc
Dell Computer Corp
Dooin Electronics
Foxconn / Hon Hai
Fuji Xerox Co Ltd
Grandtech Semiconductor Corp
Hewlett Packard
Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies Co Ltd
IBM Corp
Intel Corporation
King Jim Co Ltd
Kodak Co
KYE Systems Corp (Mouse Systems)
Lexmark International Inc
Lite-On Technology Corp
Logitech Inc
Matrox Graphics Inc
Micro Star International
Microsoft Corp
Minolta Co Ltd
Motorola PCS
National Semiconductor Corp
Olympus Imaging America Inc.
Olympus Optical Co Ltd
OnSpec Electronic Inc
Panasonic (Matsushita)
Pitney Bowes
Primax Electronics Ltd
Rainbow Technologies Inc
Ricoh Co Ltd
Seiko Epson Corp
Seiko Instruments Inc
SGS Thomson Microelectronics
Sharp Corp
Silitek Corp
Sitecom Europe BV
Sony Corp
Sony Corporation
Taiyo Yuden
Teco Image Systems Co Ltd
Texas Instruments Inc
TVS Electronics Ltd
TWINHAN Technology
United Parcel Service of America, Inc
USI Co Ltd
Xerox Corp
Zeevo Inc