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USB is by far the most popular method for connecting external hardware to a PC. USB has three somewhat confusingly-named data transfer speeds, and two versions available. USB 1 supports "Low Speed" and "Full Speed" (1.5 and 12 Mbit/s respectively), and USB 2 adds "Hi-Speed" (480 Mbit/s). USB 2 devices are usually backwards compatable if your PC only has USB 1 capabilities. There are two major physical connector types available, A and B. A is the familiar rectangular connector you will find on hardware and cables that connects to the PC. B type connectors are found on the peripherals themselves, if the cable is removable (such as on a digital camera). There are also Mini-B type connectors that are often used with digital cameras, which can sometimes be specific to the hardware manufacturer. The connectors are all keyed, so they can only be inserted into the devices in one orientation. USB devices can be plugged and unplugged from the PC at any time without damaging the device or the PC, though with some devices, the operating system needs to be told you are going to disconnect the device so that data transfer isn't cut unexpectedly.

There is a huge variety of USB peripherals available for the PC market. Keyboards and Mice were the first widely-adopted peripherals to use the USB standard. Digital cameras, USB "stick" memory, and external hard drives make good use of USB2's much faster data transfer rate, allowing you to transfer files almost as fast as to an internal hard disk. There are modems and network interface cards available in USB.

Most motherboards today come with USB as an integral part of the board, with at least two connectors available, with four, six, and even eight connectors becoming more popular. There are PCI expansion cards available that provide USB for motherboards that do not have it built in, or for those who need more USB connectors. There are also USB expansion hubs available that replicate USB ports if you need more connections.

USB by Company

3Com Corp
Aashima Technology B.V.
ACC Microelectronics
Acer Inc
Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi)
Actions Semiconductor Co Ltd
Actiontec Electronics Inc
ActivCard Inc
Advanced Card Systems Ltd
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Agere Inc
Aiptek International Inc
Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Alcor Micro Corp
Alps Electric Co Ltd
Alps Electric Inc
Altec Lansing Technologies
American Power Conversion
Analog Devices, Inc
Anchor Chips Inc
Appian Technology (ETMA)
Apple Computer Inc
Argosy Research Inc
Askey Computer Corp
ASUSTek Computer Inc
Athena Smartcard Solutions Inc
Atheros Communications Inc
ATI Technologies Inc
AuthenTec Inc
AVerMedia Technologies Inc
Aztech Systems Ltd
Behavior Tech Computer Corp
Belkin Components
Benq Corp
Bitland Information Technology Co Ltd
BMS International Beheer NV
Boston Acoustics
Broadcom Corp
Brother Industries Ltd
C Technologies AB
C-Media Electronics
C-Media Electronics Inc
Cables To Go
Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd
Candy Technology Co Ltd
Canopus Co Ltd
Carry Computer Eng Co Ltd
Casio Computer Co Ltd
Century Corp
Cesscom Co Ltd
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co Ltd (Foxlink)
Cherry GmbH
Chicony Electronics Co Ltd
Chu Yuen Enterprise Co Ltd
Chuntex (CTX)
Cologne Chip AG
Compaq Computer Corp
Computer Access Technology Corp
Conexant Systems
Contaq Corp
Corega KK
Creative Labs
Creative Technology Ltd
Crescentec Corp
Curitel Communications Inc
CyberBank Corp
Cygnal Integrated Products Inc
Cypress Semiconductor Corp
Cyrix Corp
D-Link Inc
Dallas Semiconductor
Datafab Systems Inc
Dell Computer Corp
Dexin Corp Ltd
Digianswer A/S
Domain Technologies Inc
Dooin Electronics
Dura Micro Inc (Acomdata)
DXG Technology Corp
Echelon Co
Echelon Corp
EGO SYStems Inc
Elo TouchSystems
EndPoints Inc
ENE Technology Inc
Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV
Ericsson Inc Blue Ridge Labs
ESS Technology Inc
EXP Computers
Extended Systems Inc
Feiya Technology Corp
First International Computer Inc
First International Computer Inc (FIC)
Formosa Industrial Computing Inc
Foxconn / Hon Hai
Freecom Technologies
Freedom Scientific
Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd
Future Technology Devices International Ltd
Gateway Inc
Genesys Logic Inc
GlobeSpan Inc
Globespan Semiconductor Inc
Granite Microsystems Inc
Gretag-Macbeth AG
Griffin Technology
Hagiwara Sys-Com Co Ltd
Hand Held Products (Welch Allyn Inc)
Hewlett Packard
High Tech Computer Corp
Hitachi Ltd
Hitachi Maxell Ltd
I-O Data
I-O Data Device Inc
I/O Interconnect
IBM Corp
iCreate Technologies Corp
Iiyama North America Inc
Imation Corp
In-System Design
Infineon Technologies
Integrated Circuit Solution Inc
Integrated System Solution Corp
Intel Corporation
Iomega Corp
IPWireless Inc
Itac Systems Inc
Jing-Mold Enterprise Co Ltd
KC Technology Inc
KeyTronic Corp
Kodak Co
Kouwell Electronics Corp
KYE Systems Corp (Mouse Systems)
Labtec Inc
LaCie Ltd
Lexar Media Inc
Lexmark International Inc
LG Electronics Inc
LG Electronics USA Inc
Linkup Systems Corp
Lite-On Technology Corp
Logitech Inc
LSI Logic
Lucent Technologies
Magic Control Technology Corp
Marvell Semiconductor (Was: Galileo Technology Ltd)
Maxi Switch Inc
MelCo Inc
MGE UPS Systems
Micro Star International
Micron (Was: PC Technology Inc)
Micron Technology Inc
Microsoft Corp
Microtek International Inc
Microtune Inc
Minolta Co Ltd
Minolta-QMS Inc
Minton Optic Industry Co Inc
Mitsubishi Electronics America Inc
Mobile Action Technology Inc
Monterey International Corp
Motorola CGISS
Motorola iDEN
Motorola PCS
Motorola Semiconductors HK Ltd
Multivideo Labs Inc
Mustek Systems Inc
National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor Corp
Neodio Technologies Corp
Netchip Technology Inc
NetGear Inc
Nikon Corp
NMB Technologies Corp
Nokia Display Products
NVidia Corp
Olitec Inc
Olympus Optical Co Ltd
OmniVision Technologies Inc
OnSpec Electronic Inc
Opcode Systems Inc
OPTi Inc
Ortek Technology Inc
Ours Technology Inc
Oxford Semiconductor Ltd
Panasonic (Matsushita)
Pentax Corp
Philips Semiconductors
Phison Electronics Corp
Picopower Technology (A division of National)
Pixart Imaging Inc
Plantronics Inc
Plextor Corp
PLX Technology
Polar Electro OY
Power Quotient International Co Ltd
Primax Electronics Ltd
Prolific Technology Inc
Promise Technology Inc
Qtronix Corp
Qualcomm Inc
Quik Tech Solutions
Rainbow Technologies Inc
RATOC System Inc
Realtek Semiconductor Corp
Ricoh Co Ltd
RTX Telecom AS
SanDisk Corp
ScanLogic Corp
SCM Microsystems Inc
Seiko Epson Corp
Sejin Electron Inc
ServerWorks (Was: Reliance Computer Corp)
SGS Thomson Microelectronics
Sharp Corp
Siam United Hi-Tech
Siemens Information and Communication Products
Siemens PC Systeme GmBH
Siemens Telecommunications Systems Ltd
Sierra Wireless Inc
SigmaTel Inc
Silicon Image Inc (Was: CMD Technology Inc)
Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS)
Silitek Corp
Sitecom Europe BV
SmartDisk Corp
Solid Year (?)
Sony Corp
Sony Corporation
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
Standard Microsystems Corp
Standard Microsystems Corp (Was: EFAR Microsystems)
Sun Microsystems Inc
Sunplus Technology Co Ltd
Surecom Technology Corp
Suyin Corp
Symbol Technologies
Symphony Labs
Synaptics Inc
Synopsys Inc
Syntek Semiconductor Co Ltd
SystemSoft Corp
Taiyo Yuden
TDK Corp
TechnoTrend AG
Tekom Technologies Inc
Telex Communications Inc
TerraTec Electronic GmbH
Texas Instruments (TI)
Texas Instruments Inc
ThrustMaster Inc
Tiger Jet Network Inc
Trigem Computer
Trumpion Microelectronics Inc
TWINHAN Technology
UMC Electronics Co Ltd
US Robotics
USI Co Ltd
Venture Corp Ltd
VIA Technologies Inc
Victor Company of Japan Ltd
ViewSonic Corp
Vista Imaging Inc
VLSI Technology
VMWare Inc
VST Technologies
VTech Holdings Ltd
Wacom Co Ltd
Western Digital Technologies Inc
Winbond Electronics Corp
Wistron Corp
X10 Wireless Technology Inc
Xerox Corp
Y-E Data Inc
Yamaha Corp
Z-Star Microelectronics Corp
Zeevo Inc
ZyXEL Communications Corp