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A video card (also known as a display adapter or graphics card) is what allows video to be processed and sent to a monitor or other display. Most displays and video adapters adhere to a standard called Video Graphics Array (VGA), which is an analog connection type communicating the resolution and colors to the monitor. There is a new display standard becoming popular called Digital Visual Interface (DVI), with some manufacturers offering DVI-only video cards. Many new displays (like LCDs and high-end TV displays) have DVI connections, but typically have an adapter to use the older VGA connector if your video card does not support DVI. DVI does provide a higher quality signal, especially noticeable on a digital display such as an LCD.

Video Cards can be found in different types of interfaces, with many motherboards including built-in onboard video without requiring an addon card. The newest type of video card is "PCI Express" (PCIe). PCIe comes in varying "speeds" for example 1x, or 4x, or 16x. Different speed PCIe connectiosn will have differently sized connectors, with larger speeds having larger connectors. Any PCIe card can plug into a PCIe slot that is at least as large as the card is rated at, for example: You can plug a 1x card into a 16x slot, though the card will still only function at 1x, but you cannot plug a 16x card into a 1x slot. PCIe is a high performance general-purpose slot that can be used for hardware other than video cards as well. Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) is the most common existing video card slot type, but is being replaced by PCIe in newer motherboards. AGP is only for video, it is not a general-purpose type of slot. AGP Video cards are still a big seller, and are still a very good choice for gaming, with many high-end cards being available in AGP. Older video card connection types like PCI and ISA are being quickly phased out, though there are still a few manufacturers making relatively high performance PCI cards.

Video Cards are a high performance device so regularly maintaining up to date drivers for your card is highly recommended, especially for gamers.

Video by Company

3Com Corp
3Dfx Interactive Inc
3DLabs Inc Ltd
ACC Microelectronics
Accton Technology Corp
Acer Labs Incorporated (ALi)
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Analog Devices, Inc
AOC International (USA) Ltd.
Appian Technology (ETMA)
Apple Computer
ASIX Electronics Corp
ATI Technologies Inc
Benq Corp
C-Cube Microsystems
C-Media Electronics
C-Media Electronics Inc
Chips and Technologies
Chuntex Electronic
Cirrus Logic
Conexant Systems
Contaq Corp
Cyrix Corp
D-Link Inc
Dell Computer Corp
Delta Electronics
Elitegroup Computer Systems
Fujitsu ICL
Gateway 2000
Hansol Electronics
Hewlett Packard
Hyundai Electronics Industries Co.
Intel Corporation
Intergraph Corp
LG Electronics Inc.
MAG Technology Co
Magic Control Technology Corp
Matrox Graphics Inc
Maxdata Computer GmbH
Micro Star International
Micron (Was: PC Technology Inc)
Microsoft Corp
Miro Computer Products AG
Mitsubishi Electronics
National Semiconductor
Neomagic Corp
Nokia Mobile Phones
Nvidia (Was:STB,SGS Thompson)
NVidia Corp
OPTi Inc
Packard Bell
Philips Consumer Electronics
Philips Semiconductors
Picopower Technology (A division of National)
Plextor Corp
PLX Technology
Princeton Graphic Systems
Real 3D (Lockheed Martin-Marietta Corp)
Realtek Semiconductor Corp
Royal Information Company
S3 Inc
ServerWorks (Was: Reliance Computer Corp)
Siemens Nixdorf
Siemens PC Systeme GmBH
Sigma Designs Corp
SigmaTel Inc
Sigmatel Inc (??)
Silicon Image Inc (Was: CMD Technology Inc)
Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS)
Silicon Motion Inc
Sony Corporation
ST Microelectronics (SGS Thomson)
Standard Microsystems Corp (Was: EFAR Microsystems)
Stratus Computer
Texas Instruments (TI)
Trident Microsystems
UMC Electronics Co Ltd
Unisys Corporation
VIA Technologies Inc
ViewSonic Corporation
VLSI Technology
VMWare Inc
XGI Technology Inc